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LinkedIn Workshop

Last Friday, our Business Development Manager, Ren, ran an informative workshop all about the online world of LinkedIn. We were excited to be able to invite our trainees to bring friends along, and we weren’t disappointed - the turn out was absolutely great!




 headshot of Circle Collective trainee

Armed with a detailed Power Point and some insider experience as a recruiter using LinkedIn, Ren guided the group through the steps of turning a LinkedIn profile into a job-finding resource. We learnt about how important it is to create an informative and personal headline, and how employers and  recruiters use search tools to locate profiles and prospective employees.  

Following the crafting of the ‘About’ section - an area filled with the trainees skills and unique personal qualities - we moved on to understanding the importance of creating a network within the LinkedIn platform. Ren explained that the more connections you make the wider your network will become, and with that: more traffic to your profile and a higher chance of being found by a potential employer. 





After spending an hour or so addressing individual questions and supporting each young person to complete the initial setup of their profile, Ren brought out a very professional-looking camera and announced it was headshot time! Each trainee and young person (and a few staff members too...) was given five minutes to capture the perfect shot, and all our attendees were chuffed with the results.

headshot of Circle Collective trainee

Our Top LinkedIn Tip: Even though it’s a social media platform, LinkedIn should never be used for anything other than professional content and job searching – keep your memes and tags for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!