LOVENSKATE  Deck 'Lay Lin Lore' Alex Hallford Pro 8.5"

LOVENSKATE Deck 'Lay Lin Lore' Alex Hallford Pro 8.5"

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There is an energy that runs through the earth, passing under the tallest mountains, through the deepest caves of the underworld. Immeasurable by modern magnetometers, these forces lie unnoticed, except by the few that truly believe. The ‘Woke’ understand the awesomeness of these ‘Ley Lines’, knowing they can be accessed and channeled at key points on the earths surface. Stone Henge, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and our very own Bruce Grove Castle are but a few of these sacred sites, all interconnected. You may laugh, but skeptics tell us how else would Aliens be able to land at Stone Henge? How did the Egyptians generate the power to build the Pyramids? How do we get all those pretty colours on our skateboards? How did Alex Hallford do the loop without a Hot Wheels roll-in? The answer my friends, is in the LEY LINE LORE.